Sparks by GloVo: Every piece counts


Labyrinth of Senses started its journey in 2014, as part of the 3-day event Sparks. During this events, our workshop, along with other interesting happenings, created a bridge between International Day for Persons with Disability (3/12) and International Volunteerism Day (5/12). Since then its aim to to help all participants “find the SPARK in them”.

Labyrinth of Senses at Technopolis


Partnering with Wheeling2help and ethelon Labyrinth of Senses held a workshop for 250 people of all different backgrounds & ages at Technopolis. It has been the first event of such scale for the organization.

Labyrinth of Senses at NISI

08/07/2018 Labyrinth of Senses held a workshop at NISI, a multipurpose space just outside Lamia. This particular workshop is of great importance because there the two Founders, Gabriela & Aristea, along with another volunteer, collaborated for the first time to provide the workshop for 45 people of all ages.

Labyrinth of Senses “Breaks the Pattern” with TEDx Panteion University


Labyrinth of Senses was present at TEDx Panteion University “Break the Pattern" with an all day workshop. With the venue being, the accessible to people with motor disability, Papastratos, more than 270 people “Found the SPARK in them”. They participated in many different stages of the Workshop, they discovered new skills and saw the world from a different perspective, the one using a wheelchair. The 12 Volunteers that facilitated the workshop on that day were delighted to promote social inclusion on such a broad audience.

Labyrinth of Senses is “Partying for Inclusion”

18/03/2018 Labyrinth of Senses is “Partying for Inclusion” at Old City Co. A party in the heart of Athens, specifically designed to be inclusive and accessible to people with disability. All the fun in a fully accessible party where everyone could hear and feel the beat!

Labyrinth of Senses at TEDx NTUA “Chaos”

24/03/2018 March 2018 was a busy one for Labyrinth of Senses. At TEDx NTUA “Chaos” the Workshop was present all day long at Eugenidion Foundation with a total of 14 Labyrinth of Senses Volunteers that worked in shifts to make sure everyone’s experience was as creative, unique and eye opening as possible. At the end of the day we counted more than 250 participants and we took home 147 pictures that they, during the Workshop, drew for us to keep!

disABILITY AWAREness workshop for the European Commission

26/03/2018 While in Romania, Labyrinth of Senses was invited to conduct the Workshop at the European Commission. It was an honor for us and our Volunteers to be there, and by using Non-Formal Learning methods, to help educate the Romanian Representatives.

TEDx AUA “Growth” welcomes Labyrinth of Senses

27/04/2018 The first Workshop that took place on the TEDx AUA “Growth” was Labyrinth of Senses. In the wonderful Goulandris Museum, 50 participants were shown that the world can become accessible one action at a time. During the Workshop our 20 Volunteers helped them use their senses and skills creatively while meeting and interacting with people from all different backgrounds, with and without disability.

Labyrinth of Senses at ThinkBiz Academy

18/05/2018 Labyrinth of Senses provided a tailor made Non Formal Education training during the ThinkBiz Academy event and facilitated more than 250 participants. Our 15 volunteers worked in shifts to ensure that our service meets the needs of the organizers in a way that inclusion and accessibility come first.

Along with Bloode, we celebrated “something small, for something big”

20/06/2018 Bloode celebrated “something small, for something big” and invited us to be part of this important day at the garden of Megaro Moussikis. Our 16 volunteers were happy to facilitate the workshop to the 65 participants even after it got dark. Everyone was focused on the different tasks given and time flew by, while they were “finding the SPARK in them”

Erasmus+ in Armenia with Youth Horizons

17/07-02/08/2018 The Co-Founder of Labyrinth of Senses, Aristea Bismpiki, participated in an Erasmus+ program by Youth Horizons held in Yerevan, Armenia on Social Entrepreneurship. She promoted inclusion and accessibility through the workshop that was held three times during the project, and provided the training of the appropriate terms to use for PwD. All games and energizers were adjusted in such a way that one of the participants that was blind was properly included.

Labyrinth of Senses at All Souls Festival

02/08/2018 All Souls Festival is one of those events we happily participated in during our summer break. A festival making space for disability in Arts, was help in KINITIRAS multi-purpose space and we provided the workshop to its participants. The environment was inclusive and open to accept all people regardless of disability, exactly what we want to represent with our workshop.

Erasmus+ in the Atlantic Ocean

June & September 2018 The Founder of Labyrinth of Senses, Gabriela Telekfalvi, participated in an Erasmus+ program sailing across the Portuguese shoreline promoting sustainability. The sailing conditions are usually not welcoming to PwD, however this time they were adjusted to meet such needs.