Our Purpose

According to WHO “more than a billion people in the world today experience disability. These people generally have poorer health, lower education achievements, fewer economic opportunities, and higher rates of poverty. This is largely due to the barriers they face in their everyday lives, rather than their disability. 

Disability is not only a public health issue but also a human rights and development issue.”

At Labyrinth of Senses, we believe in a world where diversity, equality, acceptance, and respect prevail.

In 2014 a disability awareness workshop came to life, inspired by Gabriela Telekfalvi aiming to tackle the lack of education around disabilities and help people with and without disabilities interact with each other.

“We aim to provide interactive education on all types of disability, that at the same time empower critical thinking, creativity, and interaction between people with and without disability.”

We believe that the disability itself does not cause major barriers, it is the society that is not ready yet the accept all people regardless of their background, social status, ethnicity, age, educational level, the
existence or absence of a disability. This is what we try to tackle”

Join us in this incredible journey & FIND THE SPARK IN YOU

The Team

Gabriela Telekfalvi – Sparks’ Founder She is a Business Administration graduate from the University of West Attica. In 2014, through her experience in organizing voluntary events all around Greece, she started dreaming of a different future, where everyone would have the chance to interact with each other, in a safe environment, using non-formal education methods. As a result she created Labyrinth of Senses. She believes that in embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a surer way to true happiness.

Leonard Schmidt

Leonard Schmidt – Co-Founder. He is studying Industrial Design and Production Engineering at the University of West Attica, while is working in a startup company, KINEO, as a Micromobility Mechanic. Taking part in many overseas programs at a young age, also speaking 4 languages, has helped him gain versatile knowledge in many domains and gives a new and creative perspective to all our projects with his Design and Innovative Thinking.