Labyrinth Of Senses And ESN

We have a long and important collaboration with the ESN antennae of Greece and Romania. It is based on the common beliefs of interculturalism and acceptance. So far, there has been conducted 7 events with the ESN Greece, ESN Athens, ESN TEI of Piraeus, ESN Ioannina, ESN Samos with a total of 350 participants.

Our Monthly Labyrinth Of Training Took Place At Impact Hub

Representatives of SKEP, and «Πάρκο Χαράς» inspired our Volunteers do more and be more towards an inclusive and accessible society. They provided us with thought provoking information and gave us the needed knowledge to improve ourselves. It was a Labyrinth of Training supplied by Starbucks.

Labyrinth Of Training For March

Labyrinth of Training for March took place in the accessible Old City Co, where our Volunteers and participants, 31 in total, had the chance to learn all things Labyrinth of Senses in an accessible environment. Later that day, the first All Accessible “Party for Inclusion” (link to the event) took place.

Labyrinth Of Senses Partnered With Ethelon During The “Discussion On Diversity” Of GMPA

Greek People Management Association and provided a Workshop designed to meet the needs of the audience, while the Founder, Gabriela Telekfalvi, gave a speech on the values behind Labyrinth of Senses. Our 14 Volunteers had the chance to facilitate the Workshop to 50 participants, most of whom where HR managers.

Labyrinth Of Training | April

April was the month that our Volunteers had the chance to learn the core values and the key importance of Sign Language by Thalia Kiousi from SKEP and learn how to better present themselves and pitch for their ideas by Career Sign. There were 30 Volunteers and participants willing to learn and enrich their skills.Labyrinth of Training | April

Labyrinth Of Senses And Job Pairs

Labyrinth of Senses provided a tailor made experience of inclusion for 30 members of Job Pairs at the Apivita Experience Store. The event was part of our collaboration with Job Pairs and 15 of our Volunteers participated.

Labyrinth Of Senses Partnered With Job Pairs Creating a Unique Workshop

For the 17 Volunteers of the latter that attended at the ACEin. Through discussion and tests that they were given, they tried to discover more about what they want from their working career, how to present themselves on LinkedIn and learnt a lot of tips and facts on employability.

Labyrinth Of Training | July

The first Labyrinth of Training in our office at the egg, a startup incubator, became a reality. The Volunteers had the chance to learn all things Labyrinth of Senses in the new home of the organization, meet and interact with other teams of the Incubation Program.

Labyrinth of Training


The aforementioned programme reinforces KINITRO’s dedication to the fight against inequalities, the neglect of which has led to pathologies of the time, such as the social marginalization of vulnerable social groups and, consequently, their exclusion as a result of this extremely difficult situation, the pandemic.

Labyrinth Of Training | November

This monthly Volunteers’ Training was very special because of its theme “Travel for and Impact”. Along with sharing our personal travel experiences with Erasmus+, volunteering abroad or out of our city of residents, our volunteers had the chance to be informed of this year’s World Youth Forum,that took place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, in which Gabriela Telekfalvi participated. Moreover we were happy to be joined with Anna Cheimona, representative of Solidarity Mission. She informed us on all things Erasmus+, the opportunities young people have to explore the world, while creating an impact for themselves and other.