Labyrinth Of Senses For Starbucks


Starbucks welcomed Labyrinth of Senses in Nea Smyrni, and gave the opportunity to all its customers to navigate through the Labyrinth to get their drinks, to explore the brands flavours with all their senses and get their picture taken in our photobooth. More than 150 people experienced the way inclusion and accessibility work in a place so closely related to their daily routine, and our 14 Volunteers were happier than ever to receive their uplifting feedback.

Labyrinth Of Senses Workshop For P&G Greece


P&G’s offices were full of positivity on that day! 14 of our Volunteers provided a tailor made experience of Labyrinth of Senses to 45 employees and created and inclusive environment for everyone to be themselves while making stronger bonds as a company, coming closer together by helping each other overcome the “obstacles” that were set and realizing how special all of us are.

Labyrinth Of Senses Workshop For P&G Romania


Labyrinth of Senses travelled to Bucharest, Romania and provided our disABILITY AWAREness Workshop to 80 employees of P&G Romania. The Workshop was help in English and Romanian and provided by 3 awesome Labyrinth of Senses Volunteers and the Founder. With their efforts there was created a great atmosphere that helped everyone “Find the SPARK in them”.

Diversity Day Organized For Mercedes-Benz


We were present at the Diversity Day organized for Mercedes-Benz by ethelon.. The employees had the opportunity to use their senses and discover hidden skills they had through our interactive Workshop. They learnt how to communicate and interact with people with disability. At the same time they had the chance to interact with their co-workers in a creative way, while stimulating their quick and critical thinking.

Labyrinth Of Senses For Willcom


Willcom invited Labyrinth of Senses to be part of a special day they designed for their employees. We were lucky enough to facilitate our Workshop to around 100 people with 8 Volunteers in a fun and interactive environment.